Why Use This Site for Advertisement?

Thank you for your interest in advertising on Zika Virus Net. The website is active since December 2015 and the site's traffic grows day by day. The visitors of Zika Virus Net are professionals, doctors and researchers, as well as students, patients, regulatory affairs officers, government policy officers, and everyone else interested in Zika virus.
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Zika Virus Net is run by a policy officer in the clinical vaccine trial assessment procedure in the Netherlands. He has a scientific background in molecular biology and immunology. The website is a non-governmental, personal initiative and is aimed to provide comprehensive and accurate information about zika, clinical trials and research news.

Advertisement Opportunities

Advertising opportunities include banners as well as text ads. Zika Virus Net accepts gif, jpg or animated banners of different sizes (full banner of 468x60 pixels or cube banner of 125x125 pixels) with a maximum file size of 20kb. Combinations of different banners and campaigns is possible.

Full banners, cube banners and text ads will be placed on highly visible sections throughout the site. Cube banners and text ads are placed in the right or left columns of the site, whereas full banners are placed in the middle wide column of the site. Your banner or text ad will be hyperlinked to the web address of your choice.

Advertisement Rates

Advertising rates on Zika Virus Net are based on flat monthly rates or on the number of banner impressions. This is an economical way to get advertising exposure, without targeting a specific page. Pricing for impressions is based on number of banner impressions (CPM = cost per thousand impressions). This is the amount an you will pay for each 1000 ads shown. Zika Virus Net has an average click through rate (CTR) of 0.6%. For a marketing campaign to be effective you must have your advertisement in front of visitors for an acceptable period of time. The banner advertising program is fully administered by Zika Virus Net. We suggest a minimum of 3 months or at least 10,000 impressions, but please keep in mind that these rates and time lengths are not set in stone, but rather displayed to give you an idea on how our ad pricing is usually structured.

Contact us here for more information about advertising. By advertising on Zika Virus Net, you agree to our terms and conditions listed below.

Advertising Terms and Conditions: All ads are reviewed for correct usage, and must be approved prior to publication. Zika Virus Net reserves the right to refuse advertising privileges to any web site for any reason, including the promotion of pornographic products and/or content, the advocating of illegal activities, immoral conduct, plagiarism, cheating, etc. Zika Virus Net shall not be held responsible for grammatical errors, typographical errors, or errors in artwork provided by the advertiser. All ads are at the discretion of Zika Virus Net. All rates are agreed on before advertisement is placed. Your ad will be place after full payment has been received. When an order has been received and payment taken for the service there will be no refund to the advertiser. Zika Virus Net reserves the right to modify, change or otherwise improve upon the design and format of any or all of its pages at any time without notice. Zika Virus Net reserves the right to modify, eradicate and/or change any or all of these terms and conditions without notice, including the right to change the above rates or to terminate this advertising program. We appreciate, but do not require, reciprocal links to Zika Virus Net to be posted on your site.